About Flanders Plants

Flandersplants.com is your first point of contact for getting in touch with the Flemish ornamental plant exporters. The website is an initiative of VLAM, Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board, and it coordinates the promotion of the export of Flemish ornamental plants. This is achieved through export support for Flemish horticultural companies and B2B promotion vis-à-vis foreign trade.

Export support

Flanders Plants assists Flemish horticultural companies with their export activities. This is done in various ways:

  • Organisation of customised contact days.
  • Group participation in international trade fairs such as IPM Essen.
  • Customised export advice.
  • Collection of market information and its dissemination to the grass roots.

Business-to-business promotion

The promotion abroad aims to strengthen the image of the Flemish horticultural sector and increase the recognisability of Flanders Plants and the accompanying ‘We Grow Your Way’ export concept. This is done in various ways:

  • Trade press campaigns: advertising campaigns in European trade journals to support the image.
  • Public Relations: organisation of press trips for foreign journalists.
  • Focussing the spotlight on product innovations and other actions on Linkedin.


Members of various trade federations, AVBS (the federation of Flanders’ green industry), ABS (general farmers’ syndicate), BELBEX (Federation of Belgian Tree Nurserymen) and NAVEX (National Association of the Exporters and Traders in Horticultural Products), are united in a working group that determines the strategy and activities of Flanders Plants.

If you have questions or would like advice, these are the colleagues to contact:

VLAM vzw
Boulevard du Roi Albert II 35, box 50

1030 Brussels, Belgium
+32 (0)2 552 80 11
BE 0454.423.323