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Belgicactus specialises in the production and sale of a wide range of indoor and outdoor succulents. The new brand, ‘Fabulous Fat Friends’, aims to further emphasise the strengths of succulents: versatility, variation and low maintenance.

“Belgicactus produces resilient plants. Our plants are given an extremely balanced soil which makes them stronger and healthier.”

From father to sons

The Belgicactus company originated from Jef Gielis Sr.’s hobby. In the meantime his two sons, Jef Jr. & Jan have become managers. Over the years, the company has grown to cover a surface area comprising 10,000 m² of greenhouse and 18,000 m² of closed lava container field. Jef Jr. and Jan are assisted by nine permanent employees. During the season, they receive additional aid from around 30 occasional workers, seasonal labourers, student workers and trainees.


Belgicactus produces with great respect for nature.

  • The company is affiliated to the VMS (Flemish Environmental Plan for Horticulture) and has a MPS A-plus certificate (Environmental Plan for Horticulture).

  • Belgicactus uses only rainwater and all excess feed water is collected and reused.

  • Biological control agents are used where possible.

  • The Belgicactus range is 100% free of herbicides. Weeds are removed manually or with biological agents.

Specific indoor approach:

  • Belgicactus grows the indoor succulents following the rhythm of the seasons and then hardens them off in open-top greenhouses.

  • Belgicactus applies the principle of cool cultivation. This keeps the use of fossil fuel to a minimum.

Specific outdoor approach:

  • Belgicactus grows really hardy plants: everything is grown 100% outside year round following the natural seasons. As a result, Jan and Jef deliver the toughest quality on the market. And it also means that Belgicactus’ outdoor succulents are 100% fungicide-free.

Fabulous fat friends

To further emphasise succulents’ strengths, in mid 2018 Belgicactus launched the no-nonsense horticultural brand ‘Fabulous Fat Friends’. “Since the Fabulous Fat Friends have a long life, it is easy for a strong relationship to develop between a person and their succulent. In short, they become ‘Fabulous Fat Friends’.” This strong concept was immediately awarded a silver Florall award when it launched.


Belgicactus’ products are mainly sold in mix trays. They are available all year round, even if the outdoor collection really comes into its own from spring through to the autumn. Every year, Belgicactus creates new, exclusive varieties of succulents with its own breeding programme.

In its range of outdoor plants, Belgicactus offers around 50 varieties of Sempervivum and Opuntia Humifusa, in pot sizes from 5.5 to 23 cm. Belgicactus is constantly looking for new varieties to keep surprising its clients. Thus, it recently bred the Sempervivum Coral Red®, a strong and well-branched Sempervivum with a bright red colour.

The main indoor plants are Echeveria, Crassula, Pachyveria, Sedum, Kalanchoë and Aeonium. The top products include Sedum rubrotinctum Rosea, Aeonium Nigrum, Echeveria red tip, Pachyveria opalina and Kalanchoe Pumila. The indoor collection is available in pot sizes from 5.5 to 13 cm.

Export markets

Belgicactus above all delivers to export companies, wholesalers and Cash & Carry's. The company does not export directly, but does see its plants spread out all over Europe via exporters. The main export markets are Germany, France, the Netherlands, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark.

What is a succulent?

A succulent is a plant that stores water naturally. This allows it to survive longer in drier periods, and makes it easier to keep for longer. Succulents are totally hot and are a hit with both old and young. Their strengths: they are versatile, you can find a really wide range of them and they barely require any maintenance.

In figures

  • Company:

    • 10,000 m² greenhouse

    • 18,000 m² closed lava field

  • Employees:

    • 2 business managers

    • 9 permanent employees

    • around 30 additional seasonal labourers

  • Range:

    • Outdoor plants: around 50 types of Sempervivum and Opuntia Huifusa

    • Indoor plants: around 50 varieties