Florall fair: Rosa ‘Green Summer’ wins the golden Florall Award

The spring edition of Florall attracted 84 exhibitors and a lot of visitors from Flanders and abroad. A fairly complete range of green and flowering houseplants and all kinds of visually attractive plants was shown, often with multiple applications for the garden and patio, but also suitable for the living room.

Once again, a professional jury awarded potentially interesting innovations. In the category 'variety' there were 16 entries, including beautiful acquisitions. With 'For every garden' there was also a new concept awarded. After an intense deliberation, in which the botanical characteristics, the possibilities for application and the added value in the garden center were weighed, the jury decided to award Rosa 'Green Summer' with gold; Distylium 'Swing Low' (PIIDIST-VI) - (First Editions®) took silver and Taxus baccata 'TINY T' took bronze. In its assessment, the jury weighed heavily on the added value the new cultivars bring to the existing range of their species.


  • Lucien Verschoren, AVBS, president Belgian nurserystock Association
  • Els Pauwels, researcher PCS, Destelbergen
  • Dirk Ballekens, Director Belgian Garden Centre Association

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Miet Poppe, secretary Florall
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Category : Variety

Gold : Rosa ‘Green Summer’ – (Ceci n'est pas Une Rose®)
Meerplant BV

At first sight this ground cover does not look like a rose, hence the brand name. This cv. forms an extreme dense carpet of green glossy leaves that gives no chances to weeds. The small white, fragrant single florets are frequented by bees. In autumn, the red hips provide extra ornamental value. The selection was based on disease resistance, climate resistance, flowering richness, user-friendliness, beautiful colours and their ground-covering character. They fit perfectly in the front of perennial borders, beds and public green areas, but also in a pot on a table, both indoors and outdoors.

Height: 20 – 30 cm – Plant distance: 50 cm.

The jury judged that this was the most innovative cultivar of the sixteen candidates. This rose looks very decorative both inside and outside.

Silver : Distylium ‘Swing Low’ (PIIDIST-VI) - (First Editions®)
Willy De Nolf nv

Distylium 'Swing Low®' is a low-growing evergreen shrub that makes a perfect sprawling groundcover. The plant grows only 75 cm high and 150 cm wide and has blue-green leaves, which are densely packed on the horizontal branches. Like all First Editions® Distylium CVs, Swing Low® is a multifunctional plant that can be used in multiple applications. It tolerates pruning well and is resistant to diseases and insects.

The jury believes that the Distylium species deserve more attention, because they are healthy plants that add value to the garden. This low staying cv. can also be used as a ground cover.

Bronze : Taxus baccata ‘HER2016T02’ (TINY T)

This is a very compact Taxus with an upright habit and fine, dark green needles. The plant is very suitable for low planting or low hedges and requires very little maintenance.

The jury sees as additional assets that it is a native species, which is drought tolerant.

Category : Concept

Gold : For Every Garden
Kris Stevens

This concept for ornamental grasses is designed to inform the customer as well as possible, so that he can make an independent choice within the wide range of ornamental grasses. The plant height is clearly indicated on each label, accompanied by the words 'Small', 'Medium' or 'Large', as well as pictograms to indicate evergreen and hardy grasses. An information board fits both on CC trolleys and on the concept table. There are also information boards with smaller dimensions and banners with the inscription: 'For Every Garden'.

Copyright pictures: AVBS