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Agora Kortrijk

Agora L.I.F.E. Kortrijk

In 2018, the Agora group is known as the one-stop-shopping wholesaler for horticultural products. And with the new L.I.F.E. concept in Kortrijk, they are proving that they are completely ready to face the future. After all, since April 2017 their customers can make purchases 24/7. In addition to selling plants, flowers and decoration, Agora also constantly offer their customers inspiration.



Appeltans Boomteelt is a young, dynamic business which is almost entirely focused on export. “95% of our production is intended for the export market”, manager Marc Appeltans explains.

The firm specialises in hardy perennials. “This means that our exports to Eastern Europe have seen strong growth”, he adds.

Jef Jr, Jef Sr, Jan Gielies


Belgicactus specialises in the production and sale of a wide range of indoor and outdoor succulents. The new brand, ‘Fabulous Fat Friends’, aims to further emphasise the strengths of succulents: versatility, variation and low maintenance.

Bloemisterij Leybaert

Bloemisterij Leybaert

Growing in pace with the market, in-house improvement to match supply to changing demand and a high level of specialisation in Azalea Indica and Rhododendron. That sums up Bloemisterij Leybaert. And with its almost entirely export-oriented approach, their products can also be found all over Europe.

Mariëlle and Bart - Boomkwekerij Mentens

Mentens tree nursery

Big, spectacular, solitary trees full of character, that’s what you’ll find at Mentens tree nursery in Meeuwen. Year after year and step by step, owners Mariëlle and Bart are working towards more ecological cultivation. Samples and analyses are combined with common sense and faith in nature.

(left to right) Stijn, Christa, Domien, Michael

Rahoens Tree Nursery

Rahoens Tree Nursery specialises in growing ornamental and avenue trees, on 25 hectares it produces around 35,000 trees ready for delivery every year. Its own, complete fleet of machinery, production sites within a radius of 5 km and a spacious location that is easy to reach ensure that Rahoens offers not only top-quality products but also excellent service.

Marc & Thomas Calle

Calle Plant

Calle Plant lies in the middle of the largest tree-growing region of Belgium. Calle Plant is a family business that is operated by 4 brothers, each with their own speciality so that together they offer a very wide range of ornamental and fruit plants. Layers, from hazelnuts for example, are a very specific offering in addition to the more customary tree nursery products. Calle Plant’s range of products comes from different locations, however fast and full service can be guaranteed thanks to central logistics & sales.

Frederik Matthys

De Waele - Wilwoodii

Dynamic. That’s how you could sum up the horticultural company De Waele-Wilwoodii in one word. This producer of conifers and other outdoor plants in containers is putting itself on the map in a smart and efficient way. Thanks to its experience with processing large orders, smooth logistical processing and a large storage capacity, they can handle orders for any customers, from local garden centres to large retailers.

Denis Plants

Denis Plants

As a young-plant company, nothing is as essential as sufficient, high-quality water. And rainwater cannot be nurtured enough, especially with an eye to water quality, according to René Denis of Denis Plants from Beervelde (Lochristi). “We can continue operating for 128 days without any rainfall. But I’d still like additional water storage capacity.”

Writer: Ivan De Clercq, AVBS, on behalf of VLAM

Erik Boterdaele

Erik Boterdaele

An 800-metre-long pipeline from a large lake provides Erik Boterdaele with an almost inexhaustible supply of water for his floriculture company in Wetteren. However, that in no way means that the company is casual about its water supply. “I want a bigger water buffer at the company itself. Because water is the lifeblood of our company,” Erik is very much aware of this.

Writer: Ivan De Clercq, AVBS, on behalf of VLAM